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Offshore & outsourcing represent business opportunities for the European IT industry.

The McKinsey report "the outsourcing of services, an opportunity for France" written in 2005 showed that the USA would make about 10 cents / dollar invested offshore. Can continental Europe get the same results?

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Acseitis-Elecio Consulting study - May 2010 Price and rates of IT developers, experts, project managers Europe, Nearshore & Offshore

The daily rates usually applied for IT services are a recurring concern for IT managers and IT services procurement managers. Various reasons lead them to regularly review the market trends: Crisis conditions, scarceness or tensions on certain profiles, acceleration of retirements, the multiplicity of offshore and nearshore destinations enlarges the choice possibilities.

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Example 1

The appeal in the offshore for IT developments and operations is an approach which, having firmly developed in United Kingdom, earned continental Europe. It represents a certain market share today and shows a strong growth.

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Example 2 of information provided in the Survey: Rates for IT OPERATION in key western European countries

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